G-Fense - New features released! It just keeps getting easier to do your job!
Friday, August 31, 2007

Genesis Systems is pleased to announce several new and innovative additions to our G-Fense product.  In additional to providing a complete IT management view for Spam, Spyware, Email, Equipment Inventory, and Network Statistics, G-Fense now has the following reporting services:

Backup Exec Reporting Console - Have multiple servers and locations?  Is it a pain in the butt to log into several systems to check that your backups have run?  How much time are you spending on this task?  With the G-Fense Backup Exec Interface Service, your backup systems talk to G-Fense.  From a single console, you can monitor all your Backup Exec servers and jobs, view job history, and at a glance see if there are issues that need addressing.

Event Log Alerting - Need to be notified when a failed login attempt is made?  How about system resources - is everything Ok?  Our Event Log reporting service not only ships your logs securely from your servers to an off-site store, but you can also setup alerts - so you can be notified on various events as they occur.

Log File Console - Tired of logging into multiple systems to review various text or XML logs?  With the G-Fense Log Collector Service, you can create custom tabs in your G-Fense console where logs from your various servers are collected.  The collector can be configured to watch a single file or a complete folder, sending changed files to the console.  G-Fense is your single point of contact for monitoring multiple systems.

Server Health (Coming Soon!) - Our health monitor allows you to be alerted when your servers aren't performing at their peak.  The health monitor also reports it's findings back to your G-Fense console, allowing you to take a look at the "state-of-the-state" from a single point of view.

For more information on G-Fense, or about Genesis Systems, or to schedule a demo, contact:

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Senior Technical Engineer
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