Genesis Systems is a privately-held technology company specializing in architecting software and network solutions that help businesses. Established by BJ Williams in 1985, Genesis started out as a small enterprise selling and supporting server equipment and systems. The company evolved with the realization that most businesses would eventually integrate and streamline their internal business process and manage external resources via the internet and web-based applications. By 2001 Genesis was highly active in integrating business database applications over the web as well as developing new applications for businesses to make their data available to divisions around the globe.

Company Culture and Vision 

We here at Genesis Systems have four major beliefs:

  • A deadline is a deadline.

     It's not some imaginary point in time to be easily disregarded and blown past. Ask any Genesis employee about this and you will get a clear understanding of what we will do to meet a deadline.

  • Our clients business is our business.

     Therefore, our client data, customers, & reputation are as important to us as it is to our client. Often times, in the midst of a project, our clients will turn the business relationship over to Genesis as they trust our team to uphold their same standards in dealing with the customer. This reduces the steps necessary in communicating the needs of the end user, leading to overall higher levels of satisfaction and faster turn around.

  • The workplace should be a place where we want to spend time.

     Software development and IT support is more than just a job to us - it's what we love to do. Our office is a place we like to spend time. To accomplish this we have striven to develop an atmosphere where all team members feel comfortable working and relaxing. Even if an overtime push is needed to facilitate an approaching deadline, we feel if the team is relaxed and enjoying day-to-day life, this will show in the quality of product they are developing. Bottom-line is, if we can't do our job and have a good time, there is something wrong and were going to straighten it out. Read More...

  • Trial and error costs more than doing it right the first time.

     From using the wrong software technology for a solution or purchasing hardware mismatched for its duty, to underestimating all the angles in disaster preparedness, experience pays a great dividend. Cashing in on Genesis experience will help your business avoid the high cost of trial and error.

A lot has changed since we started in 1985 but our focus remains the same - to be trusted partners to help you better utilize technology. This means lots of things to lots of people, but that’s the point. We are not a one size fits all company. We draw on our daily exposure to firms like yours to help recommend solutions to make your business more efficient and more profitable. Any solution that we offer has to help your bottom line or it is not a solution that we will recommend. Give us a call and start making technology work for you today.