Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Along with the Coyote Equalizer implementation, Genesis launched the use of the PizzaMax pizza oven in its operations on Saturday. “We are all very excited about the new equipment,” stated Brad Williams, VP of Ops, “it is really going to change the day to day operation of how we work with frozen pizzas for lunch, the whole staff is in agreement on this which is a great morale booster.” Several hours were spent Saturday testing and retesting cooking times for pizzas and other staple food items like tater tots.

The instructions were handled appropriately...Days earlier the unit was received and unveiled...

Days earlier the unit was received and unveiled. Upon opening of the carton instructions were found for final assembly and safe operation of the unit, these instructions were handled appropriately so as to get maximum benefit from the unit.

Pre-microwaving leads to a highly agreeable product ...Disregarding this step will lead to a dissatisfactory product...

It was found that a pre-microwave cooking was the key to a great frozen pizza cooking experience. Brad recommends that this pre-microwaving period be 2 minutes on “high”, this should be immediately followed by a PizzaMax cooking of 5 to 7 minutes max. This would be considered the Genesis “standard operating procedure” for pizza cooking. This will give the end user a highly agreeable product for consumption. Although this extra step makes the process slightly more laborious, it is highly recommended as disregarding this step will lead to a dissatisfactory product. As you can see from this photo, some people always have to learn the hard way.

Fallen soldier...Leaving no soldier behind...

Commenting on the PizzaMax, Chris Antoniak, Genesis DBA, noted “the PizzaMax really is a more versatile tool than we first imagined, one should not be afraid to explore the world opened up to them when a such a tool is made available to them.” Chris has been seen using the PizzaMax to cook such things as “cheeseburger fingers” during late-night coding stand-offs at the office. A heightened awareness toward dangers of using such a device should be kept in mind when cooking products non-conventional to the pizza oven as there is no “safety rail” at the rear of the cooking deck. This may lead to a phenomenon known as losing a soldier (see initial lost soldier pic). As a result, Genesis has enacted a strict “leaving no soldier behind” policy.

If you are interested in the implementation of the PizzaMax at your facility, feel free to contact Genesis for help. Use caution when locating your PizzaMax, we have seen prices that ranges from about $50 at Sam’s Club to $130 on some websites for the same unit.

Brad Williams
VP of Operations


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