Thursday, May 11, 2006

I know at Genesis we tend to obsess a bit about tasty foods, but what the heck, ya gotta live.

There are certain times when a busy person is just simply in need of a quick and tasty nourishment solution. Today this was my quandry and therefore this quick blog entry.

Tasty nourishment in less than 3 minutes total ! Here goes.........

One 2-pack package of  White Castle burgers, available at any of your fine grocers. These are available by the boxful at our local Sam's outlet...........

One reasonably sized microwave and a paper plate.......

Cooking Process - I found that with this small but powerful microwave that programming a 1minute and 15 second pass at medium power and immediately followed by a 1 minute pass at high power did a perfect job of heating the product to just the right "too warm to eat immediately but will get you back to your desk and still be warm temperature".

The Secret - One secret I will pass along is that I found it best to remove the product from the packaging, place it directly on the plate, then lightly drape two napkins across the top of the burgers. I don't really know what this does for the cooking process, but I think it makes the burgers feel more comfortable in their new situation.

And ba da bing, ba da bow, snack is served!

Sugested side beverages would be Dr. Pepper, Diet Mountain Dew, or bottled water.


Brad Williams


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