Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We’re trying to test out the trial version of the NCTDialogiceVoice ActiveX control, and we’re having a problem on one machine. The installation doesn’t register the NCTDialogicVoice2 dll, and so we run the “Repair.bat” file that’s in the program files directory. On MY machine, that registered everything it needed to, and it works great. However, on another developer’s machine, that particular DLL won’t register properly. It fails with the messagebox:

LoadLibrary(“NCTDialogicVoice2.dll”) failed – the specified module could not be found

No amount of uninstalling/ manually registering seem to solve this problem for us.

After TOO much screwing around, we finally figured out (and I remembered that I did this to MY machine), that we need the Dialogic System Software!!!! Installing this (since we aren't actually running Dialogic boards in our dev boxes, the Compact Intallation will do), and re-running the Repair.bat file solved our problems!

I'm sure that the inital installation of the product errored out because of this as well, and would have worked just fine, had we noted the prerequisites noted here.


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